Published Research

Professor Jaesoo Kim 

Research focus: Computational intelligence, artificial intelligence, and knowledge engineering

Professor Jong Hyuk Park

Research focus: IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, quantum information, information security, and metaverse

Professor Changhoon Lee

Research focus: Information security, cryptography, digital forensics, IoT security, and FinTech security

Professor Hyeokjin Kwon

Research focus: Defense informatization policy, informatization evaluation, cyber security, and smart national defense

Assistant Professor Laihyuk Park

Research focus: Smart Grid, internet of things, and intelligent computing 

Assistant Professor Dongwan Kang

Research focus: Computer graphics, image processing, and affective computing 

Professor Seong-kwon Kim

Research focus: Analog circuit for analog computing, low power LSI for a wireless communication, adiabatic circuits, and acoustic applications 

Professor Ki Wook Sohn

Research focus: Cyber Security, SW vulnerabilities, Supply Chain Security

Professor Shin Ilhoon

Research focus: Operating system, storage system , embedded system, and solid state drives

Professor Younho Lee

Research focus: Information security and applied cryptography

Professor Hwa Chang Song

Research focus: Power system stability & control, renewable energies, and fault current analysis

Assistant Professor Changhee Han

Research focus: Information security, applied cryptography, AI security, network security, and cyber security

Assistant Professor Jin Dae Kim

Research focus: Automatic program repair, mining software repository & change mining, fault localization, and search-based software evolution 

Assistant Professor Sunglok Choi

Research focus: Robotics, autonomous driving, 3D computer vision and artificial intelligence

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