GQAS Research Partners

Our Domestic and International Research Partners

GQAS is partnered with several Domestic, International and Industry Researchers and Institutes. GQAS grows stronger in it's collaboration with universities and research organizations around the world increasing the quality, output and impact of research.

Domestic Partner Research Universities

Jeonju University, South Korea

Chungbuk National University, South Korea

Baewha Women's University, South Korea

Dongguk University, South Korea

Overseas Partner Research Universities

Georgia State University, USA 

University of Aberdeen, UK

University of Salerno, Italy

Waseda University, Japan

National university of Laos, Laos

Nha Trang University, Vietnam

Donghwa University, Taiwan

Domestic Industry Partners


LG Hitachi


IT Eyes

Korea Information Processing Society 

Ssangyong Information and Communication

Gangwon Technopark

SJ Yechnologies

Neighbor system

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Copyright (c)  GQAS.  All Rights Reserved.

 Copyright (c)  GQAS.  All Rights Reserved.